Friday, February 10, 2006

Rabid; Aristocrats; The Image Is Not the Thing; Conan; Olympics

This weekend I'm going to watch the late-70s Canadian zombie-ish classic Rabid (written and directed by David Cronenberg, executive produced by the now-supermainstream Ivan Reitman, starring former vice-presidential candidate Marilyn Chambers) and last year's filthiest-joke-in-the-world meditation, The Aristocrats. Observations to follow.

A few more things along the lines of the Magritte and Hayakawa references from Thursday. First of all, The Map Is Not the Territory. (Although, Tim Boucher asks why it couldn't be the territory...) And, from a clever faculty member at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Ceci n'est pas une Bible. Islamic cartoon protesters and anti-flag-desecration legislators, take note!

Here's Cinerati on Conan the Barbarian Sophisticate.

Finally, something interesting about the Olympics!


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