Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Shining Knight of Anonymity

I like this phrase, which I found in the Post's grouchy competitor:

'Just when the Dan Rather and Newsweek scandals were building momentum against the idea of anonymous sources, along comes the shining knight of anonymity, Deep Throat, to the rescue,' said Matthew Felling of the Center for Media and Public Affairs. 'Not only does it finally create closure for the Watergate scandal, it also reminds the American public of the importance of this journalistic tool*.'

Wouldn't it have been cool (and great for L&O's ratings) if DT had turned out to be Senate Watergate Committee chief minority counsel Fred Thompson? Especially if we found that he had been methodically dropping clues in his movies and TV shows all these years. Example:

In the Line of Fire

Aces: Iron Eagle III (with the great Sonny Chiba.)
Matlock Hard 2

Or, for Bible Code fans, "Senator Fred Thompson" anagrams out to:

"Deep Throat - RMN Soon SF" (RMN Soon Shall Fly... In Marine One, departing the White House lawn.)

OK, time for work.

* Journalistic tool does not refer to Bill O'Reilly in this particular instance.


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