Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blogroll Revisions

OK, so I did a bunch of cutting and pasting and so on and moved the links on the sidebar into some semblance of order. This organization is far from set in stone. There is still a certain lack of consistency in the categories, but whattya gonna do? Lots of bloggers or sites could fit into two or more of these categories, and I picked the ones that seemed best without agonizing over them (too much). (Examples: Is Vodka a self-identified libertarian? Not sure, but he seems like he leans enough that direction to justify his inclusion.) Obviously there are plenty of bloggers outside of the Bloggers category. I was going to include a "Left" and "Right" section, but that seemed too limiting and awkward, even though I did include a "Libertarians" section. I gave professors and librarians their own sections, even though many (Insta, Althouse, et al) could have gone in Politics/Current Events. I put POTUS in History even though it's mostly history professors writing about history. Why did U of C's Becker and Posner end up listed in the Academy section while Freakonomics co-author and U of C Economist Steven Levitt ended up in the Politics/Current Events/History/Econ section? They just did. As for listing within a category, they mostly just fell where they fell.

In short, if anyone doesn't like where they ended up, please let me know.


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