Monday, February 27, 2006

A Few More Things...

  • Even though I think that re-airing the South Park episode Bloody Mary would be a swell way to show the world that we don't truck with that nonsense about getting all work up about cartoons of religious icons, according to (the NSFW) Daze, it doesn't seem as though it's gonna happen.
  • Stop what you're doing and check out this great Boing Boing post about the blocking of their site in various oppressive areas of the world through the use of anti-nudity software. Excerpt: We've decided not to rejig our editorial process to make it easier for a censorware company to block us for their customers. Instead, we're creating a clearinghouse of information on how to defeat censorware... ...We considered their offer, and decided not to do it. What happens when the next censorware company comes along with another editorial process they want us to engage in to help them censor the site? More importantly: why should we let a company that helps corrupt dictatorships oppress their citizens dictate morality to us? So instead we've decided to help put Secure Computing out of business. In response, they are enlisting Michelangelo:


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