Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trying Out Blogger Beta

OK, so I just signed up for the beta version of Blogger. Once I see how it differs from the original, I'll comment further. Here are the known issues so far. (Hope I didn't jump into this too quick.)

Update: Seems to be OK. I had thought for a minute that I wouldn't be able to post comments on non-Beta blogs, but doesn't seem to be an issue. Also, just making sure that image posting works OK. I like the ability to easily tag stuff, too. (I think the tags self-alphabetize, btw.)
Update #2: It looks like there may be a slight glitch with transferring words with diacritical marks. For instance, it made "Margot Wallström" read as "Margot Wallström" on the blogroll. I guess I'll have to fix these as I find them, and also keep an eye out for any other oddities. Still, editing and posting is streamlined, so I still have a net balance of satisfaction w/the Beta version. Here's a Beta review from a few weeks ago from Bloghacker.

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