Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A few things:
  • Watching a couple of interesting docs from The Disinformation Company; Iraq for Sale and The Cult of the Suicide Bomber. IfS invited a certain degree of skepticism -- For instance, to what degree was Gen. Karpinski just trying to rehabilitate her image? Didn't the contractors hired as truckers realize there was a war going on in Iraq? Isn't GOP skepticism of Democrat proposals just how things work? Anyway, here's Iraq for Sale on Google Video. I thought Cult was very interesting -- I'm almost done with it, and it's about an ex-CIA guy named Robert Baer (who was the basis for the George Clooney character in Syriana) going to various spots in the Middle East (with which he is quite familiar) and talking to the people that don't usually get interviewed in documentaries or newscasts.
  • Are you a Wikipedia addict? Take this test and find out! (via MicroPersuasion.) Better wait until you have an hour or so to spare, because there are over 700 questions. Excerpt, with point-score for each yes answer:
    14. Have you told your significant other/parent something from Wikipedia while on the phone? (10)
    Was he or she impressed? (7.5)
    ... or bored? (-5)

    15. Are you someone who is considered a social outcast? (5)
    Because of Wikipedia? (50)
  • Time Magazine's 100 essential albums or whatever, here. Excerpt: We researched and listened and agonized until we had a list of the greatest and most influential records ever - and then everyone complained because there was no Pink Floyd on it. And that's exactly how it should be. We hope you'll treat the All-TIME 100 as a great musical parlor game.

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