Friday, November 03, 2006

South Park / Haggard Crossover?

Five bucks says the South Park boys have been hard at work re-editing next week's follow-up to Wednesday night's Go God. Go! Why? The show featured a) atheist/scientist Richard Dawkins teaching evolution at South Park Elementary and then having an affair with Mrs. Garrison that leads to her convincing him to bring about paradise on earth by eliminating all religion, and b) Cartman freezing himself into suspended animation for three weeks because he can't wait for the new Nintendo game to be released, only to be plucked from the ice by humans of the future who are now all members of warring rival gangs of atheists. Why do I believe them to be re-editing? Because of the serendipitous breaking news from yesterday about fellow Coloradoan Ted Haggard. Why is this particularly serendiptious? Because of the Colorado connection, South Park's appreciation of a good gay escort joke, the atheism/evolution motif, and mostly the previous tête-à-tête between Rev. Haggard and Prof. Dawkins. They have just got to be able to come up with something. I bet this Jones guy didn't care about the elections; He's probably just a South Park fan and wanted to see what they would do if he gave them some material to work with.

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Blogger Get A Life! said...

Since I'll be unemployed soon, South Park will be receiving my resume any day now..

10:09 PM  
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