Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good, Prompt Customer Service From MIT Technology Review

I am still getting several hits per week on my post on my sucky TruTech VCR/DVD combo player. Yesterday The ♥G♥ had a bad experience waiting in line at Home Depot that might find its way into the Blogosphere sometime. My friend SSMW has been upset with Maytag recently. And there's always plenty of interesting stuff of this sort over at The Consumerist.

So, let me just point out that the other day when my copy of the April Technology Review came in the mail with some pages scrunched up and torn out, all it took was a quick call to their easily findable 1-800 number, and a nice young lady on the other end of the line (who answered the phone promptly, btw) immediately had a pristine copy mailed to me in a sturdy envelope.

So, props to the TR Customer Service department. I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the person who helped me, but I think your boss should buy pizza for the whole department next Friday.

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