Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Stuff


  • Magazine Art (soon to be on blogroll) Excerpt: We like art. Art wants to be seen; it does no good if it can't be seen. There's a lot of art that's been hidden away for fifty or a hundred years or more—hidden away not because it's bad art, or because someone tried to suppress it, but just because it was part of something transient. Once that transient thing had its day in our living rooms, it fell from view and the art that it held was lost to us.
  • Click for a timeline of the history of the world by Milo Manara. This one has all the good stuff left in it. (NSFW.)
  • We saw Hot Fuzz last night and we loved it! Make sure to see Shaun of the Dead either shortly before or shortly after so as to be able to make fresh comparisons, of which there are numerous to be made.

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