Thursday, July 26, 2007

Even More Items

More stuff from around:
  • Profile of Bob Moses at Science News. Mr. Moses is a very interesting guy, a civil rights activist from the 1960s whose general idea for the past 25 years has been that the best way to help disadvantaged youth is to teach them algebra. Excerpt: Moses founded the Algebra Project in 1982 with funds from a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" that he received for his work on voting rights. Initially, he focused on the goal of making sure that all students learn algebra, which he calls "the gatekeeper of citizenship." When students learn algebra, he says, they make a leap in their ability to manipulate abstract symbolic representations.
  • NYT article on hip librarians. Excerpt: When talk turned to a dance party the group had recently given at a nearby restaurant, their profession became clearer. “Did you try the special drinks?” Sarah Gentile, 29, asked Jennifer Yao, 31, referring to the colorfully named cocktails. “I got the Joy of Sex,” Ms. Yao replied. “I thought for sure it was French Women Don’t Get Fat.” Ms. Yao could be forgiven for being confused: the drink was numbered and the guests had to guess the name. “613.96 C,” said Ms. Yao, cryptically, then apologized: “Sorry if I talk in Dewey.”
  • Cleaning out links: Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery.
  • Also, The National Museum of Funeral History.
  • And, the Top Ten Punk Albums You've Never Heard.

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