Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Few Things

Several things:

  • Amba on writing about ideas vs. narrative: Call it Mercator's Dilemma. Ideas are global in structure. Sentences and paragraphs are linear, and pages are planar. That makes the problem of writing out an idea so that it reconstitutes itself fairly faithfully in the reader's mind a lot like the problem that preoccupied early cartographers -- how to map the globe onto a flat piece of paper. Misrepresentations and distortions are unavoidable.
  • Slight mistake with a few non-English characters on the Wikipedia logo. They'll be fixed soon, I'm sure.
  • Thomas Jefferson had his libraryies organized according to three broad areas: Memory, Reason, and Imagination. This was an idea he got from Francis Bacon, and one that is hat-tipped by the Library of Congress. The subcategories are detailed here. I'm keeping this in the holster in case I ever tire of having the books in my house Deweyed.

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