Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snowy Afternon; Being Spent Inside

First snowstorm of the year hits the Midwest. Nice day to spend inside -- Right now we're watching Walter Matthau in Hopscotch. (Inside of course except, that it was Gilbert's first time to see the snow! Pics to follow.)

  • WikiMatrix has a whole bunch of different options for Wiki software.
  • Speaking of wikis, I'm currently reading Wikinomics (I just saw that there is a new edition coming out in a few months. My first reaction was "Aargh!" because I am partway through an already not-current book, but after a moment's reflection, it occurred to me that this is just par for the course with the topic matter.) Here's their blog. Next on the agenda, I want to get WikiPatterns... (Website here, blog here.)
  • SF Chronicle interview with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on the move of the Wikioffices to San Francisco. Q: Do you worry that people at some point will feel like their work here is done? A: I used to worry. Part of the appeal in the early days of Wikipedia (was that) you could click on Africa and there (would be) nothing there and you (could be) the first person to type, "Africa is a continent." Whereas now to write a brand new article on something that does not already exist is kind of hard in English. You're writing about fairly obscure topics. But we haven't seen participation decline at all. It continues to grow.
  • Here's one of many Ron Paul fansites. I'm going to see if he has some site buttons or ribbons to put up here. Agitator post about Washington Post piece on the RP phenomenon. Agitator excerpt: The trick is to show the Paul supporters how it all fits together, how the same flaws that caused government failure in rebuilding Iraq are also at play when it comes to, for example, distributing welfare, or protecting the environment. Sites like Digg and Reddit buzz with libertarian sentiment. It’s just a matter of convincing them that the same bad incentives and bureaucratic behavior that gave us the violent, corrupt, futile drug war will be in play when, for example, Hillary begins implementing her plan for universal health care.

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