Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wikipatterns; Falco; Movie Posters; Books That Make You Dumb

Been a while since I got some blogging in; No time like the present.

  • I just finished reading Wikipatterns, Stuart Mader's book based on this website (or maybe the site is based on the book, or both go hand in hand, or whatever). Blog here. Excellent summaries of wiki philosophy and practice, but obviously in my case it was preaching to the choir. Two things the book did introduce me to: Geek and Poke -- Very funny! It's kind of like Dilbert, but geekier. And, the screencast of Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Movie. Also, the author has a blog hosted by Amazon -- interesting.
  • Remember Falco? (The "Rock Me Amadeus" guy?) Check out Falco Reloaded. Very entertaining!
  • Check out the 100 greatest movie posters of all time. Lists like this are made to be argued about, and this list doesn't disappoint in that regard. (For instance, if person "A" doesn't think movie posters should feature attractive women in various states of undress, and person "B" does...)
  • Virgil Griffith is the guy who developed the revolutionary Wikiscanner. Now, he has put together a visual study of Books That Make You Dumb. I'm glad to see that my favorite American novel of the 20th Century, Catch-22, was one of the closest to the not-dumb side. And, we were just talking the other day at work about 100 Years of Solitude, which I have never read but would like to. I thought it was interesting that people who listed The Bible as their favorite book scored 150 points higher than those who listed The Holy Bible.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

A Poignant Plea from Ghostface

Ghostface Killah -- You've just got to watch it yourself.

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