Saturday, April 26, 2008

Google criticisms; The Nature of Math; Digital Careers

  • I love Google -- It's changed the way the entire world can access information. But, there's always room for improvement. Eleven items here, plus comments.
  • Was math discovered or invented? Science News article here, Wikipedia articles on Philosophy of Mathematics and History of Mathematics. Science News excerpt: Those who espouse discovery note that mathematical statements are true or false regardless of personal beliefs, suggesting that they have some external reality. But this leads to some odd notions. Where, exactly, do these mathematical truths exist? Can a mathematical truth really exist before anyone has ever imagined it? On the other hand, if math is invented, then why can’t a mathematician legitimately invent that 2 + 2 = 5?
  • Three Emerging Digital Careers to Watch. -- The Chief Customer Experience Officer (and those who work for her); Digital Storytellers; Super Crunchers. Last year I read two of the three books referred (Made to Stick and Super Crunchers) and I have to recommend them both. Excerpt: The digital space is the most addressable media and marketing platform ever. However, most marketers are not “quants” and data is largely under utilized by many companies. Data mining and visualization tools reduce risk, make business more efficient and measurable. Great rewards will come to those who know how to dig into data and make sense of it all and can parse that into insights that help companies optimize the dollars they put online. Be that guy or gal.

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