Wednesday, June 15, 2005

THX-1138 for the Memories

Two good Slate articles on Lucas and Spielberg's influences on each other and on Hollywood here and here.

An insightful quote from the latter:

My vote for the archvillain of the changeover is Don Simpson, the auteur of Flashdance, Top Gun, and other Go For It movies for dimwits. As Pauline Kael said of the latter film, "It's not selling anything, it's just selling. … It's a commercial for itself." The high-powered Paramount executive Simpson ushered in the most dire period in American movies, the mid- and late '80s, marked by copycat teen and Go For It movies, with only a handful of American directors managing to turn out significant works.

I love the phrase bolded above. GFIMFD is now in my repertoire of e-cronyms.



Anonymous Glenn Brown said...

Carols ex-boyfriend cried when bruce willis died. Another reason she married the right guy.

7:48 AM  

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