Saturday, July 09, 2005

Call Me Ishmaelpundit

In addition to the blogs of Pepys and Thoreau mentioned below, here is Dracula in blog form and Moby Dick in blook form.

A discussion on the usefulness/lack of usefulness of London's security cameras.

Carol Marin writes in the Chicago Sun-Times on the jailing of NYT reporter Judith Miller. The Sun-Times is, of course, Mr. Novak's employer. The Houston Chronicle points out that the lefties don't care for her because she was too quick to believe Chalabi, and the dittoheads just see her as another cog in the American Pravda machine. Because she is not seen as a heroine by left or right, the masses have not taken her plight to heart. My view? This could easily set unfortunate precedents. Here's what they say in the Columbia Journalism Review. The Washington Post makes this interesting point:

The jailing of Miller comes during a week when Bob Woodward, once played by Robert Redford, is publishing a book about his relationship with the Watergate source known as Deep Throat. The former FBI official, W. Mark Felt, has reached a book and movie deal in which he could wind up being portrayed by Tom Hanks.
The contrast seems to capture a changing mood toward the shadowy deal-making in which journalists extract information by promising to withhold people's names -- a practice that major news organizations now admit has been overused and abused -- and sources use their anonymity to spin, settle scores or expose what they see as wrongdoing.


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