Sunday, July 03, 2005

More Misc. Items

My Weekend-of-the-Fourth tasks include laundry, cleaning, yardwork, going through stacks of stuff, SSDW.

It looks like previously blogged-about flag sophist Randy "Duke" Cunningham got a friendly visit from the FBI the other day. At my work, I recently declined the gift of a shirt from one of our vendors due to the possible conflict of interests (or actually, the appearance thereof) that might ensue. However, Cunningham has been living part-time on the luxury yacht of one of his vendors (i.e. a defense contractor). But, I bet the yacht at least has a nice big flag on it. More on Congressman Cunningham here. (p.s. - Even if you usually skip links, click that last one.)

NYT blogoshphere-for-beginners article, Blogs 101.

I finished "The Well-Educated Mind" and started "Mozart in the Jungle" yesterday. "W-EM" comments to follow, "MITJ" reviews here and here via A&LD. Also, it looks like Ms. Tindall's fellow North Carolina highbrows didn't quite grasp the tawdry nature of her memoir.

Reason Magazine's Tim Cavanaugh with a libertarian's review of LOTD. Be sure to read the extra comments.

Comments on Joshua Chamberlain (we are at the tail end of the Gettysburg anniversary right now). Last year I read this book on the semi-parallel lives of Chamberlain and Confederate officer William Oates.

Col. Joshua Chamberlain, 20th Maine Infantry Regiment

Biker guy, Village People
Separated at Birth?


Blogger getalife said...

Thank you for the links to Duke and Tim's reviews! Have a great Fourth! Enjoy burning that flag with sparklers while you can :-)
(I'm gonna miss O'Conner)

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