Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lindsay on Film

I watched the movie Enduring Love today. I was like ???. It was about a regular guy who is out on a picnic in the country with his girlfriend. A hot-air balloon is having problems, and a young boy is trapped in the basket while his dad is thrown to the ground. Dad, the picnic guy, and a couple of other passersby run to try and pull the thing to the ground and extract the child, and it ends with one of the altruists falling and becoming an altruistic splatterburger. One of the others forms a gay/psycho/religious crush on the picnic guy, and spends the rest of the movie stalking him. I found some comments from Lindsayism with which I concur:

The beginning is totally riveting, and then they get into all this philosophical cliche talk about how maybe life is meaningless, and then other stuff happens, and then you get to the end and you're like "So basically what you're saying, movie, is that you're totally meaningle---oooh wait! I get it! That's the point! And it sucks!"

One time I was whitewater rafting and I was sitting next to a mother and her 12-year-old son whom I had never met before nor since. At one point on the (Class 3? 4?) rapids the kid, who was sitting opposite me, got bumped and looked like he was about to fall out of the raft. Though I ordinarily try to discern whether people want my assistance or not (particularly strangers), in that case I did not ask, but grabbed the back of his shirt collar and pulled until he was back in the center of the craft. It took about 1.5 seconds. Had picnic guy grabbed the balloon kid in a similar matter (though in the opposite direction, of course -- out, not in) when they had momentarily grounded the balloon, everything would have been fine. But, he instead stopped to ask the kid his name, immediately after which a strong breeze sent the unfortunate rescuers straight up in the air, dangling from ropes.

And even if there was nothing they could have done about the unfortunate death, picnic guy never once called the cops about any of the psycho stalking incidents. Duh.

In that same post, Lindsay also doesn't like Primer, which I saw a few weeks ago. Now I liked Primer, even though I didn't understand it either:

I know I'm basically going to a high-end printer and ordering 500 hand-lettered, gold-leaf-encrusted eggshell cards that say "You are cordially invited to call me an idiot" by saying this, but I have absolutely no idea: 1. What this movie was about or what happened in it. 2. Who the (apparently significant) character of "Rachel" is or what her relation to the plot or other characters are. 3. What the ending...was. I know it was supposed to be dramatic. I know the entire second half was supposed to be dramatic. I know this because they played dramatic music, and there was blood, and people with urgency in their voices. But I have no idea what happened in this movie.

However, one of her readers sent a detailed explanation of what went on in the movie, explaining which of the several concurrently existing versions of the two main actors were doing what.


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