Sunday, August 21, 2005

The First in an Occasional Series

Believe it or not, lately I've been trying get stuff in general cleaned up and organized. For instance, last weekend I got the book room in good enough shape that there is a clearly defined walking path. And right this minute my bedroom floor is totally cleared. Except for one stack of magazines. And one stack of newspapers. Both are four feet high. But, whatever.

I'm going to try to spend a few minutes each day clearing out my favorites/bookmarks for dead links or links that I don't really need anymore -- There's probably 250 sitting there not in folders. And put them where? Labeled folders? My recycle bin? Eventually, but first, let me share the creme de la recyclables here. Think of it as cyberdumpster diving without getting your hands dirty.

For you starving freelance writers out there, if you want to starve some more, Inkwell Editorial has a blog about freelancing. Also, if you know anything about any of the topics on this list you might want to fill out the application to be an About dot com guide. If you don't want to starve, I guess it's time to get an actual job.

If you're interested in a (possibly incomplete/possibly out-of-date) look at state educational standards, look no further.

Here's a M*A*S*H tribute page.

Here's the Bad Cinema Diary. "A movie guide for those who believe lower budgets mean better films ."

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names. I'll have to throw some these into future posts to make myself highbrow.

Adventure Comics Cover Gallery 1951-1969.

Here's a neat little site about one of the coolest jazz photographs ever taken. The story behind this photograph is told in the documentary A Great Day in Harlem.

The Lambiek Comiclopedia, with 7,000 entries on comic artists.

The now-in-limbo World Quiz League.

I guess this took more than a few minutes (stupid dial-up) but it was kind of fun to go back and look at stuff I hadn't read in a while. More bookmark straightening later this week.


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