Thursday, September 22, 2005


Let me point out that the blogrolled Perfectly Cromulent is among those who evacuated Houston. Excerpt:

We bugged out about 1:30 PM yesterday. I boarded up the windows while The Wife packed and took pictures. Granted, not all the wood I was able to lay hands on fit perfectly (our place looks like Pete's House of Irregular Plywood), but better that than nothing. Unless a 90-foot pine falls on us, I guess.

It took about 90 minutes to get from our place (north Loop area) to Conroe. Once we cleared that, it was pretty clear sailing. We made Lubbock around 11 PM, and The Mom was kind enough to have procured some beer for The Wife and some Jameson for yours truly.

The ride up was largely uneventful (except for She Who Shall Not Be Named's projectile vomiting episode around Arlington which necessitated the patented White Trash Shower in a gas station parking lot with a jug of water and a bottle of Dawn). And quick. I counted at least 50 DPS cars headed south as we went the opposite direction, which offered an excellent opportunity for The Wife to floor it from Ft. Worth to Lubbock. The result? 300 miles in less than four hours.

Queen of Sky, in (Austin?), is also making preparations:

Don't worry, Everybody... I have filled my car with gas (we are expecting price-hikes and/or shortages, since Texas produces 1/4 of the country's oil), and I still have plenty of batteries left over from the Millenium. I am going to put my car in a garage tomorrow before the hurricane hits. I have plenty of water (like 10 gallons), and yesterday stocked up on non-perishable foods. If the electricity goes out here I will be surviving on canned fava beans and prepared polenta and tuna in olive oil.

I like her even though she spelled Millennium wrong.

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