Sunday, September 11, 2005

Stifle It; Edit.

Auteur Kevin Smith gives a photographic tour of his house.

MaryAnn Johanson describes her (hypothetical) Generation X Renaissance Weekend (no, not a Renaissance Fair). Excerpt:

Lately I’ve been fantasizing about a Generation X version of those Renaissance Weekends the masters of the universe throw for themselves, only my GenX Arts and Cultural Summit would bring together Xers who are doing intriguing work, work that’s hinting at the new golden age of entertainment being born right now. We’d sit around and shoot the shit and find out what ideas we have in common about where art and entertainment and culture might be going and we’d network and all sorts of amazing projects would grow out the gathering.

Sounds cool. Count me in. I have a few other suggestions for the guest list, too.

Speaking of Generation X, some of us Gen-Xers like to use bad words a lot and don't think much of it. In recent years, the FCC has decided to "take back" the airwaves (part of the whole "taking back of America" thing, I guess). Supporters say that this does not stifle the First Amendment, because the founders would have never intended things to have "gone this far" etc. etc.

However when an image the one shown below (found in this Boing Boing post) comes along, the stifling of the First Amendment comes into full view, because (IMHO) this image presents the legitimate opinion of someone whose first-hand experiences are valuable to include in the public discussion of one of the most important news stories of the decade. And if any serious broadcast news or talk show showed this, they could concievably open themselves up to huge fines. And guess what? That's stifling the First Amendment.


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