Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito's Big Day

President Bush has just announced the nomination of Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. For a little insight into the man behind the headlines, here is Sam Alito's Blog. Excerpt:

I hear that Mike Luttig seems to be gloating a little about Little Miss Harriet's sudden cold feet. He's popping 21 bottles of champagne, and I'm popping his bubble. After all, Mike, when you were home drinking that champagne last night, I was going over my acceptance speech with Karl. So let's see who's still on the list come Monday, shall we?

Also, if you were wondering about Harriet Miers, she's handling her 'dis'appointment very philosophically. Excerpts:

I've done alot of thinking over the last few days and you know what? I really do think this worked out as good as it possibly could have. No, I won't be a Justice. But then again most people are never a Justice, even really successful people. I learned alot about the Supreme Court, I learned alot about "Blogging"--and I learned alot about myself.

Also I've been thinking about, what if they say "Hey, Harriet would've actually been great!! Lets get her again." How would I answer. Well you know what, this may surprise you, but my answer would actually be no! I've always had a philosophy of, "Judge not or you'll be judged yourself." And here I was thinking about being a judge full-time. Not a good fit.


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