Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"So You're the Little Woman Who Wrote the Blogpost That Started This Great War."

I'm going to have to post something soon about the tremendous benefits of letting free markets thrive and the dangers of the expanding federal government, otherwise I'm worried that I'll start to sound like some pink-to-my-underwear leftie. But until then, I need to share this, just in case you hadn't realized what a slimy bitch Ann Coulter is:

Indeed it's been nearly a full week since the cowardly hate-mongering "satirist" Coulter posted Cornell's private information on the front page of her website in petulant retaliation for an article Cornell wrote here on BRAD BLOG. Coulter has refused to take it down despite Cornell's polite requests to do so. The Ivy League educated Republican mouthpiece also regaled her readers by adding "Death is sexier than Lydia Cornell" to a post which included a polite private email from the actress/author. In the bargain Cornell and her family continue to receive harassment and threats via her personal email and phone number which Coulter supplied to her millions of her uncompassionate attack dog sycophants who (predictably) refuse to condemn Coulter's indefensable lapse of simple "netiquette" and common decency.

I thought I was up on my pop culture, but Lydia Cornell had escaped my attention until now. She is notable for her appearances on early-80s TV shows (she co-starred in Too Close for Comfort with Ted Knight) and for being the great-great-granddaughter of Harriet Beecher Stowe. From Ms. Cornell's blog:

I don't want to live in fear, but I got my second death threat today, and also a strange man came to my door. My kids were home from school and almost opened the door. For Coulter to put my FAMILY'S home phone number on her front page, knowing it would incite her fans, is unconscionable, and it continues to get worse. I have run the gamut from feeling horribly guilty, stupid for putting our home phone number on a private letter to Coulter, (but I wrongly assumed she was a normal person with the class to realize this was a private communication) and now -- very frightened for my children -- for writing what I thought was a comedic article about my frustration with this war & utter bewilderment over this new militant form of Christianity.

I think if I correspond with Ann C. I'll just use the contact information for the Detroit Red Wings' locker room and let any Coulterites who go looking for me straighten it out with whomever opens the door at the Joe Louis Arena.


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