Monday, March 06, 2006

Kudlow on Ports; NJ on Blogging; Other Stuff

A couple of days off of work; trying to get some chores done around the house. Also, doing some cleaning of my Favorites folders, and reading some things (both paper and electronic) that I've been meaning to get to. If I may share some of them with you...

  • Here's Larry Kudlow on the UAE port deal. I'm tending to lean to his way of thinking on this. Excerpt: When you scratch this debate among conservatives deep enough, what you are left with is a pretty clear demarcation between free-traders and protectionists. That’s really the cutting edge litmus test that divides the conservatives on this debate. In my opinion, those conservatives who oppose the Dubai ports deal are lining up with the xenophobic protectionism of Pat Buchanan. The pessimistic Buchananites want to put a huge wall around America. They are isolationists. They have no global model of economic growth. On the other hand, conservatives in favor of the ports deal align themselves with the pro-growth, free-trade liberalizing tradition embodied by Jack Kemp. The Kemp adherents believe in breaking down global barriers in order to enhance prospects for prosperity and democratization everywhere. That’s what this thing is all about. By the way, I took this test designed to measure one's opinions on foreign policy, and of the four categories tested, my score skewed most strongly towards expanding global markets.
  • Is blogging a ship passing in the night? (Is that even a metaphor?) Check out this National Journal Piece. I'm not worried; as long as there are people who compulsively document fake rock bands and post their findings, there will always be a place on the Web for bloggers.
  • Here's PatriotWatch, helping keep an eye on those who are keeping an eye on the rest of us.
  • Glumbert has some amusing video clips and pics. (Now I just need to get my high-speed connection to enjoy them.)


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