Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday A.M. Blog Fodder

Saturday morning items...

  • Radosh comments on the new Battlestar Galactica prequel in development. In other news, here's statistical analysis on the question of who the babe is on BSG. But, why limit the results to just one? Also, here's Sexy Robot Monthly magazine.
  • I'm about 60 pages into Everything Bad Is Good for You and I like it quite a bit. Here's the blog of the author, Steven Johnson. I'm gonna add him to the blogroll next update. For those who have gotten the erroneous impression that he is somehow anti-book just because he is not a video game / TV basher, here's a post about how he organized his library in his new home office (a topic of much interest to me). Dave Munger is working on his new home office as well.
  • Later this summer, I'm looking forward to reading the new book by the blogrolled Chris Anderson, The Long Tail.
  • I'm starting to watch the 1954 John Wayne airplane film The High and the Mighty, which had not been released on home video at all until its DVD release last year. Introduction and commentary by Leonard Maltin; Reactions to follow Initial reaction: The times have certainly changed from when all the men (and little boys) were expected to wear ties and jackets to board a plane, but a little boy would be allowed to wear a toy six-shooter on a holster as he boarded without a second thought. In this instance, the child in question is being seen off by his divorced father in Honolulu, sending him back to his mother in San Francisco, and the fact that he is a child of divorced parents is treated as a melodramatic novelty. However, in the the-more-things-change... department, the divorced dad is burdening his eight-year-old with a list of grown-up relationship things to tell his mother ("Tell your mother that I wish she'd come with you next time... There shouldn't be an ocean between us..." etc.). That kid probably ended up taking some of that bad acid at Woodstock 15 years later.


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I really like Steven Johnson's book. I hope you do too.

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