Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rebecca's Pocket; Maddox's Book; Redrawn World Maps

  • Here's one cool blog, ~C4Chaos, with a good interview with the creator of another cool (and groundbreaking) blog, Rebecca's pocket. I think I'll add both to the sidebar next time I update. Here's a question and its answer that sums it up for me: Q: What satisfaction do you get out of blogging? A: I love sharing information. My aim is to point readers to interesting things they would probably otherwise have missed. "Things you didn't know you wanted to see." That's what my favorite blogs do for me.
  • Best wishes ("Best," get it?) to Maddox on the pending publication of his book, The Alphabet of Manliness. It is due to be released June 6 of this year, which is a) the mega-manly D-Day, and b) 6-6-6.
  • Here are a bunch of world maps resized according to a variety of criteria -- population, emigration, tourism, etc.


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