Saturday, June 17, 2006

Not Dead Yet...

...but I felt like it the other day. Wednesday and Thursday I was mega-busy at work, all day both days (and both were necktie, rather than T-shirt days). At about 3:00 Thursday, just when I had finished the last thing that I had to do, something hit me like a ton of brick shithouses (or whatever the saying is). I got home at about 6:45, told The ♥G♥ not to kiss me, fell T-shirtted-and-boxer-shortsed into bed, and knocked right out until about 9:30 P.M. I woke up and talked to her for a minute, and at some point (that night? The next day?) She took my temp and it was like 103.4° or something. Yikes. I went back to sleep, and I know I watched TV from about midnight until 2 AM, but don't ask me the details.

Something like this happens about once every couple of years or so, so I guess it's just par for the course. Most of the day Friday I couldn't decide if I was hot or cold, hungry or not hungry, tired or not tired (I'd turn on the TV, totally alert, thinking that I could at least catch up on some DVDs, and about three minutes later I'd be knocked out once again). All I had to eat Friday was one mug of chicken noodle soup and two bowls of black cherry jello. Here's one of the (many) wonderful things about The ♥G♥: She kept making sure to check to see if I needed anything, and I gave her minimal response. However, at one point when I woke up and asked her if she could make me some jello, she already had (my favorite flavor) and it was waiting in the fridge for me, almost done.

So, in between sleeping for a couple hours at a time all day and night Friday, I did get a chance to watch some quite insightful programs on DVD -- The Human Face, hosted by John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley; and Seasons One and Two of First Person, the innovative cable interview show directed by Errol Morris. (Note to self: Watch FP1&2 again when not sick -- Imagine what it's like to have Errol Morris subjects serving as fever-induced deleriumfodder all day!) Hopefully I can comment further on both later. (More accurately, hopefully I'll get around to it...)

So today I feel kinda better (no fever), but my throat still hurts, and I've had to crash on short notice a couple of times... but I'm sick of sitting around. I cleaned up my room and did some laundry and stuff, and I moved some shelves and stuff around in the book room (although I had to take a little nap after) and later I might do a couple other things. Tomorrow likely holds much of the same.


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