Monday, August 29, 2005

Louisiana Bloggers, H.H. Holmes Doc, Clothes Make the Man

Here are a bunch of blogs from Lousiana. Also, the NOLA blogger. Keep in mind, some may not have charged up the battery packs for their laptops and might not be near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

In other news, here's a cool documentary I watched yesterday about H.H. Holmes, the villainous serial killer of The Devil in the White City.

Fashion facism advice from Ann Althouse. Retort by the newly blogrolled Wordhoard. Wilson Quarterly on appearance (via Tinkerty Tonk) here. (PS - I could have sworn I commented on this at TT.) My rationale for my normal attire is as follows: About three or four times a month I dress up nice (khakis, loafers, dress shirt, tie) when customers or vendors come to visit our company for meetings. These meetings will take from 30 minutes to two or three hours. After the meetings conclude, I return to my normal duties. But, I can't concentrate as well. I keep thinking "When can I go home and take off these stupid clothes?" However, for non-meetings days when I dress normally (T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, usually not spilled on) I start thinking about what I want to accomplish that day as soon as I get in the car, and jump into productivity as soon as I get to work. And I enjoy it so much (I have a cool job) that most of the time I hang around a couple extra hours to get more work finished. So, if I were to just dress nicely all the time, it's like I'd be cheating my employer. And if I feel like being metrosexual, I'll just listen to my Duran Duran tribute album.


Blogger getalife said...

Guys in shorts don't bother me, but I did see a male coworker dressed WAY too casual to be conducting an interview, and I felt that was disrespectful to both the candidate and the corporation. As long as you are able to dress appropriately when warranted, I'm all for comfort.

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