Saturday, June 17, 2006

Somebody Needs to Learn Their Thoushaltnots

I love this Stephen Colbert exchange with a republican congressman from Georgia regarding the Ten Commandments. When are these guys going to get clued in that if they do an interview with him, they will be made to look stupid in front of the whole country? Even if they don't realize this, our tax dollars are paying people to figure this out for them.

Now I don't mind at all the fact that Westmoreland hasn't introduced any legislation. (Why does everybody always want more legislation? Look, you might find something worthwhile in one out of a hundred telemarketing calls. Does that mean you complain because you aren't getting enough phone solicitation?) But I love how he zaps this guy with ignorance of what should (ostensibly) be critical knowledge pertaining to a bill that he co-sponsors. (I know, I know, House rezzes usually have dozens of co-sponsors.)

Here are my earlier comments on governmental sponsorship of such things. Here is a well-written page on the topic. And, if you want to watch an insightful, thought-provoking cinematic examination of the ten above-cited commandments, you might as well skip this (like I said last post, I like jello, but not that much jello), and go straight to this. It takes about 10 hours to get through, but it's quite worthwhile -- Trust me. Would I bear false witness against you? LBNL, the world's largest Ten Commandments.


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