Friday, July 07, 2006


Several things to point out:
  • Bookworm points to the revised Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Excerpt: ENFJ: The Cult Leader -- ENFJs are big thinkers. They are extremely charismatic, and wish to offer the benefit of their wisdom to the world at large. They tend to see the grand scheme of things, and to be able to deduce connections between things that other people miss; these psychological personality traits are the result fo the fact that they are the Messiah.
  • I'm enjoying watching the Canadian satirical TV show The Newsroom. Very dry, laugh-trackless wit. Partway through season one right now, seasons two and three to follow.
  • Here's a Library Journal interview with the creators of Unshelved.
  • And here's the Muppet Wiki site. Lots of good stuff here, including the classic Caveman Ernie skit.


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