Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Dominion Day, and Other Recent Events

First of all, happy Dominion Day to our neighbors to the north.

Meanwhile, down here south of the border, I finally took the plunge and got a kick-ass HP Pavillion laptop with all sorts of doodads. I have to register an account on our new DSL service, and then it should be ready to go wireless (fingers crossed). So, I am blogging for the last (or one of the last) times on dial-up.

After I picked up my new toy, I took The ♥G♥ out for a drink and a desert at a cool seafood restaurant near our river. The bar overlooks the river, and we got to do some people watching, and also check out the quackozilliacs. (Quackozilliacs = Ducks.)

A few things to point towards:
  • This is an excellent, comprehensive guide for understanding the numbering and color-coding systems associated with Vitaphone / Warner Bros. cartoons.
  • About a year ago, I posted this about my thoughts on the whole F(f)lag amendment thing. Word Munger has a more concise response to the oddly familiar Senate vote from last week. What nonsense.
  • Here's an example of why I'm glad I don't live in Iran. Those judiciary guys are assholes! Excerpt: ...In Iran however, the minimum age for the death penalty is 15 years for males, and 9, yes nine years for females (Iranian civil code, Article 1210). Although there is no record of girls that young being executed, the fact that the law opens for this speaks clearly about what kind regime Iran is.


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