Sunday, August 13, 2006

P!nk Problems; Dava Sobel; Bill O'Reilly Controversies; Free Trade

I dug up a bunch of overgrown thistle stalks and giant leaves (long story) in the back corner of the yard (ow - sore vertebrae...) while The ♥G♥ touched up the last of the trim on the back of the house. Now I'm sitting in bed while we watch the American Experience doc on Benjamin Franklin.
  • Looks like P!nk may have used the !ntellectual property of a (now-deceased) artist in New Zealand in her last video. Now the clothing company that owns the rights to his material wants to sue. Dude! It's free advertising! Instead of bringing legal action, why not fly out to Cali and give her a bunch of his other stuff so she can use it in more of her videos so more P!nkophiles in the U.S. and abroad will want to buy your products? Duh. That's like the creator of leg warmers wanting to have sued Olivia Newton-John. (BTW, we listened to P! while pa!nt!ng the house today.)
  • Here's an interview with science writer Dava Sobel.
  • Wikipedia has a page for Bill O'Reilly controversies. Here's a controversy about Bill O'Reilly for you... He's a prick!
  • Like I've said plenty of times before, I'm a diehard Free Trader -- Here's a good summary of how come. One of these days I need to rewrite my first-ever internet post (from one of the AOL message boards in the late 90s) about how the Boston Tea Party has been hijacked by "Fair Trade"rs and how their whole thing was they could have just been happy buying tea had it been allowed to be traded freely (not "fairly" -- who decides what is fair?).


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