Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Suggestions for Newspapers; S-Rock Rocks; GooTube and Goofice Suite; BBB

A few things:
  • Doc Searls has 10 ideas for newspapers to succeed in the age of the Internet. Excerpt: First, stop giving away the news and charging for the olds. Okay, give away the news, if you have to, on your website. There's advertising money there. But please, open up the archives. Stop putting tomorrow's fishwrap behind paywalls. Writers hate it. Readers hate it. Worst of all, Google and Yahoo and Technorati and Icerocket and all your other search engines ignore it. Today we see the networked world through search engines. Hiding your archives behind a paywall makes your part of the world completely invisilble. If you open the archives, and make them crawlable by search engine spiders, your authority in your commmunity will increase immeasurably. Plus, you'll open all that inventory to advertising possibilities. And I'll betcha you'll make more money with advertising than you ever made selling stale editorial to readers who hate paying for it. (And please, let's not talk about Times Select. Your paper's not the NY Times, and the jury is waaay out on that thing.)
  • Schoolhouse Rock! -- Where Are They Now? Excerpt: Ezra Mohawk stands out as the rebel rocker in the group, having performed with everyone from Frank Zappa to Jerry Garcia. She also represents all the singers who might have worked on just one or two of the Schoolhouse songs. There was Verb, That's What's Happening, by Zach Sanders, Elbow Room by Sue Manchester, and a few others, But Liz is the only person I could find anything on, so she's the spokesperson by default, and a damn good one, as Interjections is a classic. Note: If you like Schoolhouse Rock! when it rocks, be sure to check out Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks!
  • Looks like in addition to the YouTube business, Google now wants to get into the Excel business. I'm sure the jury will be out for a little while. Maybe I'll play around with it this weekend.
  • I've been enjoying the Boing Boing podcasts. Their podcast show is named "Boing Boing Boing." I kind of wish they had picked "Boing Boing Bone (Bawn)."

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