Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Response From Guardian Writer

OK, so it looks like Bobbie Johnson, the guy who wrote the article on Tim Berners-Lee about which I blogged the other day, has taken note of my comments and those of others (here, here, and here) and has responded to our responses to Berners-Lee's response. Excerpts: But unfortunately, mistakes do happen - and that's why we have a procedure to fix them. After a long conversation with Tim on Friday, before he published his post, he did as I suggested and put his complaint in an email to our independent ombudsman, readers' editor Ian Mayes. It's not necessarily as quick as we'd all like it to be, but it is thorough and effective... ...I think implications of sensationalism are ill-founded, as hopefully anybody who reads the Guardian's wide spread of technology coverage will realise. The same goes for the hint that it was deliberate obfuscation that comes as the result of an anti-blogging mentality; that's especially galling for me, a fairly passionate advocate of blogging who has been writing his own for six years.

No hard feelings, certainly... Sounds like a series of human miscommunications. In fact, why don't I just add the Guardian Unlimited Technology Blog to the sidebar?

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