Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Black Dahlia Movie Not Very Good; Try Reading Book Instead

Currently watching the recent film The Black Dahlia, about 1/2way through. It's not that great. It's certainly nowhere near as good as the James Ellroy novel, and neither the book or the film of L.A. Confidential, both of which I rave about at every opportunity. (Update: Not even in the same ballpark.) Writings on the unfortunate Elizabeth Short here, here, and here.

I said recently that I thought that Damon, DiCaprio, and Wahlberg had gone past their pretty-boy personae and proven themselves as excellent actors. I have yet to make such a statement about Mr. Hartnett.

Here's some Black Dahlia and other artwork by Sherri Page. Her stuff is more interesting than the movie by far: Following the murder of a favourite uncle, Page began a lifelong fascination with crime and has incorporated it into her work. (Similar to Ellroy's lifelong fascination with crime subsequent to his mother's murder when he was a child.)



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