Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Flappers, Baraka, Tarnation, Carrie Cake


  • Good Blowhards post on Flapper art.
  • Watched a couple of documentaries recently -- The Boys of Baraka, about some inner-city boys from Baltimore who went to a special school in Kenya; and Tarnation, which is a trippy autobiography (with some artistic license taken) by a guy named Jonathan Caouette who edited it together on his Mac from home video of his mentally ill mother, footage sampled from his favorite TV shows and movies, and tapes of himself as a 12-year old drag queen. If you're looking for something more traditionally inspiring, go with Baraka. If you like movies that are different (always a big point w/me) try Tarnation. (Note -- Caouette says that if he makes a sequel, he's going to call it "Reintarnation.")
  • LBNL, via Boing Boing, a Carrie Cake:

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