Thursday, January 18, 2007

Recommend Seeing The Good Shepherd

So like I mentioned the other day, The ♥G♥ and I saw the Robert De Niro film The Good Shepherd, which was the based-on-actual-events drama about the founding of the Central Intelligence Agency. It wasn't great, but it was very good. I can't understand why some reviewers disliked it so much. Matt Damon was real good as a James Jesus Angleton-esque character, and avoided the pretty-boy shoot-'em-up James-Bond gadget archetypes and portrayed a middle-management type whose in-box just happened to include plans for toppling foreign governments.

No spoilers, but when you see the film, get ready for fictionalized version of Wild Bill Donovan, Allen Dulles, Kim Philby, The United Fruit Company, and Sam Giancana.

In addition to the other reading I want to do (finishing Hirohito and starting Eichmann) I want to read another book I've had for a while, The Very Best Men by Evan Thomas on this topic.

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