Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things From Around the Web

  • Here are the freshly posted 2007 Weblog Awards.
  • School Library Journal article on MLK and Google.
  • Wired Magazine: How Yahoo Blew It. Excerpt: [Terry] Semel has been Yahoo's CEO for nearly six years, yet he has never acquired an intuitive sense of the company's plumbing. He understands how to do deals and partnerships, he gets how to market Yahoo's brand, and he knows how to tap Yahoo's giant user base to sell brand advertising to corporations. But the challenges of integrating two giant computer systems or redesigning a database or redoing a user interface? Many who have met with him at Yahoo say he still doesn't know the right questions to ask about technology. "Terry could never pound the table and say, 'This is where we need to go, guys,'" one former Yahoo executive says. "On those subjects, he always had to have someone next to him explaining why it was important." One could have made a convincing argument two years ago that such deep technical knowledge didn't matter much. But now we have empirical evidence: At Yahoo, the marketers rule, and at Google the engineers rule. And for that, Yahoo is finally paying the price.
  • Currently watching the commentary on the DVD This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Awesome documentary! Further comments to follow. (One comment to TFINYR producer Eddie Schmidt right now though: At 1:11:30 or so, you have "Millennium" spelled wrong. Remember -- Two "m"s, two "l"s, two "n"s.)
  • Via Google Video, a BBC documentary on the history and development of Tetris.

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