Saturday, February 03, 2007

Additional Items

A few more things from around the Internet:

  • I might want to check out this book by Constantine Verevis, Film Remakes. Senses of Cinema review excerpt: His approach is nothing if not ecumenical, drawing on an almost bewildering range of views on the matter as he pursues the central question, “What is film remaking?” which he properly asks in his opening paragraph... ...He canvasses the kinds of taxonomies that have been proposed: these include Michael B. Druxman’s categories of the disguised remake (sometimes involving generic shift), the direct remake (which makes clear its source) and the non-remake (same title, new plot); and Harvey Roy Greenberg’s acknowledged, close remake (near-replication), acknowledged, transformed remake (substantial variations) and the unacknowledged, disguised remake (e.g. studio-era remakes).
  • Ann Althouse on how some words are funnier than others. Excerpt of Wikipedia excerpt of 1948 New Yorker article: H. L. Mencken argues that "k words" are funny: "K, for some occult reason, has always appealed to the oafish risibles of the American plain people, and its presence in the names of many ... places has helped to make them joke towns ... for example, Kankakee, Kalamazoo, Hoboken, Hohokus, Yonkers, Squeedunk, and Brooklyn."...
  • Communicatrix on the visual communication ideas of Edward Tufte. This is a guy I've been meaning to learn more about for a while. For instance, here are some of Prof. Tufte's comments on mapped pictures/image annotation.
  • I would have thought I would have scored a little bit higher... Via Random Abstract:

You are 34% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?

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