Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Commitment to Apostrophe Responsibility. (Apostrobility?)

This is a brochure that Starbucks leaves out when you go to add the cream and stuff to your coffee. Notice anything? It seems like there are several fixes that could make at least some sense... "The Starbucks Commitment to..." "Starbucks: Commitment to..." or "Starbucks' Commitment to..." or "Starbucks's Commitment to..." or something like that. I asked around at work and nobody could come up with any scenario in which the lack of an apostophe made sense. Try it out on other businesses -- "True Value Hardware Commitment to Social Responsibility," "Burger King Commitment to Social Responsibility," "Best Buy Commitment to Social Responsibility," etc. None of those look right either. (Maybe this is explained in Starbucking? Winter, any comments?)

Of course the main responsibility of a corporation, according to the late great Milton Friedman, is to increase its profits. I'm sure that's what the inside of the brochure says; I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Props to Angry Flower.

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Blogger Winter said...

I'm sure Milton Friedman is/was a very intelligent man, but just because he said it doesn't make it so. The role of a corporation needs to be rethought in the context of a more enlightened world view (too complex to explain here).

10:24 PM  

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