Sunday, May 13, 2007

Survivor: Fiji -- Liveblogging -- Yau-Man Got Screwed!

Well, looks like the predictions below are shot to hell. We think that Yau should have released Dreamz from his promise and just told him to keep the immunity necklace, on the condition that he vote for Cassandra. But, I was right that Earl would betray Yau in the final four.

I bet Dreamz comes up with all these rationales for why he welched on his end of the deal during the balance of the show and on the live aftershow -- He's one of these ones that makes a BFD out of honor, his word, etc. I'd rather see guys like Boston Rob do stuff like that, because he comes right out and says that he takes strategies straight from The Godfather.

Predictions for ultimate winner:

The ♥G♥: Dreamz.

Me: Earl.

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