Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Google Labs Coming Attractions

When I was at ALA last week, there was a guy there from Google talking about Google Labs. Some neat stuff:
  • Google Trends: This is cool. It tells you how many people have been searching for a certain word or phrase, and graphs out the searches. It's still in testing, so I don't think they have applied it to live, current data. Think of something you were searching for in January or February of this year and give it a try.
  • Google Pagemaker: WYSIWYG webpage creator. Don't feel like signing up for a G-Mail account for it right now; Maybe later.
  • Google Reader: An improved aggregator w/a bunch of doodads.
  • Google Timeline, etc.: Pick a president or king or general or something, and it will display that search couple with a year, showing the number of hits for Thomas Jefferson in 1776, 1777, 1778... 1826, etc. Do it with John Adams and it will show a bunch of spikes during the Colonial Era for the president, and a bunch of spikes in the late-20th/early 21st Ctys for the composer.

(Also: If Google Owned Everything photoshop contest.)

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