Thursday, November 06, 2008

Caribou Barbie strikes again!

Here's an (almost) exact copy/paste of something I posted last December.
  • SF Chronicle interview with Wikipedia founder* Jimmy Wales on the move of the Wikioffices to San Francisco. Q: Do you worry that people at some point will feel like their work here is done? A: I used to worry. Part of the appeal in the early days of Wikipedia (was that) you could click on Africa and there (would be) nothing there and you (could be) the first person to type, "Africa is a continent." Whereas now to write a brand new article on something that does not already exist is kind of hard in English. You're writing about fairly obscure topics. But we haven't seen participation decline at all. It continues to grow.
It looks like certain people would have done well to have paid attention. (The advantage of a wiki is of course that if you-know-who gets to it first, you can easily change the inquiry "Is Africa a continent?" into a statement of fact.) On the other hand, maybe she was just a very early Wikipedia reader, and hasn't had a chance to go back and look for that particular article?

* -- Co-founder.

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Blogger Gregory Kohs said...

Speaking of "statements of fact", you may wish to correct that Jimmy Wales was a CO-founder of Wikipedia, along with Larry Sanger. Only Wales began describing himself as "Founder", about three years after the event.

9:25 AM  

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