Friday, June 24, 2005

Land of the Dead / ALA Conference

I enjoyed George Romero's new, long-awaited Land of the Dead quite a bit, thank you very much. As with Darko, more comments will follow after I have had time for reflection.

The thing that makes zombie movies far superior to, say, slasher movies, is that we get to see the ways society organizes itself around the fact that the hungry dead now walk the earth. This movie, though a bit heavy on the capitalist-as-villain convention, took that in some interesting directions. (I say "interesting" a lot, don't I?) Aspects of it were similar to "Gangs of New York." It certainly didn't disappoint in the flesh-chomping department either. Also, a major homage to one of my fave bad-post-nuclear films of the 70s, Damnation Alley. More on all this later.

Tomorrow will be spent down at the American Library Association conference. I'm sure bloggable events await. If not from me, then from others.

Lastly, I'll be playing around w/the new Blogger Images feature in days to come.


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