Thursday, June 23, 2005

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Older women, then and now: Current actresses who are older than Anne Bancroft was when she played Mrs. Robinson. (Update, 6:11 AM, 6-24-05) -- It occurred to me this morning that this quote from that post not quite accurate: How interesting that none of them have yet begun to play "older woman" roles. Jennifer Aniston plays a Desperate Trailerwife role in 2002's The Good Girl. True, her character was not exactly Robinsonian, but the idea was in the same ballpark. Speaking of Aniston and Mrs. R, this might be clever, though it could go south quickly depending on how it's handled. In the interim since that piece was written, I see that Rob Reiner has taken over as director. How do you make sure it's good? Give all the raw footage to Buck Henry and have him make a movie about someone trying to make a Graduate sequel, as referenced in his pitch in The Player.

John Scalzi on flag desecration, thanks to Wonkette.

I watched the Donnie Darko director's cut, and am now listening to the commentary with director Richard Kelly and his colleague Kevin Smith. My impressions to follow.

Speaking of Kevin Smith, here's a British movie magazine's interview with him.

Every year or so the AFI comes up with some new list to sell more movies. Most recently, it was the top 100 quotes. Here is a less-ambitious poll from India.

Hip-Hop for geeks is developing a following. Note: All the Geeksta Rappers depicted are white kids


Blogger getalife said...

Kudos to John and all (like yourself) who strive to expose the opposition to flag burning for the idiocy that it is - I'm tired of efforts to change the constitution and suppress our rights as citizens. Want to make flag burning illegal? Fine - but it must not only cover U.S. Citizens, but anyone, anywhere. The next time you see some third world nation on grainy footage burning our flag, our wonderfully patriotic government should bomb the hell out of them. Then I would feel it is a fair trade-off.

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