Monday, July 25, 2005

TTLB; More Search Engine Oddities; Tragically Hip

I see I am no longer a TTLB Insignificant Microbe; I am now a Crunchy Crustacean. That was quick -- practically admissable for evidence in the Scopes Trial. (You just know there's gonna be another one of 'em one of these days.)

I am currently Google hit #38 for "'Mozart in the Jungle' reaction." Hit #39 was another blog, and a cool-looking librarian's blog at that, so I just added it to the blogroll. (I only have about 60 pages of MITJ left, and it is due back at the library tomorrow.) Yahoo: Neither of us came up as hits on that same phrase. And yes, I know that Google owns Blogger. But that's OK, because...

I am Google hit #20 for E-cronyms. Interestingly enough, I am also Yahoo hit #10 and Yahoo hit #15 for the same phrase.

Last but not least, Google hits #s 5 and 6 for (no quotes) what's defined as venerated object in tennesse law. Note the missing 'e' at the end of 'Tennessee.' When the 'e' is added, I am still hits #s 5 and 6. The (correctly spelled) phrase put through Yahoo? Hit #85. Funny how all this works.

Tonight I watched The Machinist. I guess I feel OK about having watched it once, but I don't know that I would feel that I had adquately invested an hour and 40 minutes of my life watching it again. Of course, watching the DVD commentary doesn't count. Question of the day, for those who have seen it: Was the Christian Bale character a solipsist or not?

Thanks to Lindsayism for the L.A. Times article on the decline of the hipsters. Excerpt:

Unlike the beatnik '50s, when discovering some gem of cultural arcana involved real detective work, today getting hip to the latest blog or indie rock band is as easy as logging on to the Internet. "We're in a post-hip era, which means everybody's hip," says Leland. "I can't tell you how many churches I've been in where the pastor has a goatee, tattoos and earrings."So if everybody's hip, then let's be unhip, and indeed, what a very hip idea. Some people are just fed up with the whole enterprise.

Looks like hipsterism has Jumped the Shark. Wait - JTS has been around for more than a month, so it's not cool... but I think it's been around long enough that it's retro now... but are we supposed to venerate retro now that hipsterism is uncool? Or is that uncoolness now desirable? I'm so confused... Do I still get to listen to my Liz Phair albums? Here, let me just get a tangentially related movie poster or something.


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