Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Strung-Out Superheroes; Hagel in 2008.

Excellent point made here about Captain America encouraging kids to stay away from drugs. Long story short, Captain America was a skinny little bitch until he got shot up with all these steroids that turned him into a tough guy. Had he not taken the drugs, he'd be a forgotten loser. Having taken the drugs, he is practically immortal. Great anti-drug message. (Where does Easy Rider fit in to this?) DC-wise, Hourman and Elongated Man got where they are by ingesting stuff that the late Hunter Thompson would likely have declined.

I'm keeping an eye on Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel for the Oval Office in '08. (And not just because he criticized the Bush Administration's handling of Iraq the other day.) I voted for Richard Lugar back in '96, the guy who kept going on about how we might have to worry about terrorists attacking the country someday and who never got above single digits (low single digits) in the state caucuses and primaries. Lugar is (finally) the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and I get the impression he is kind of a mentor to Hagel, who is second-ranking Republican on that committee. While looking for Web comments on the possibility of a Hagel run, I found a list of links about potential 2008 presidential candidates and a blog about the 2008 race.


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