Saturday, September 03, 2005

More Visits to the Neighbors

I am currently #12471 on the TTLB ecosystem. Some of the neighbors who caught my attention are Adventures in Ethics and Science, at #12527; Atlas Blogged, at #12505; Minipundit, at #12252; Truth and Beauty, at #12536; and Mother Tongue Annoyances, at #12464.

Among their recent contributions to the blogosphere:

Minipundit points out the absence of VP Cheney from the news networks this week.

AIEAS has a great post about the difficulties of trying to comprehensively plan for any eventuality. Excerpt:

Being "overly cautious", though, might mark you as an hysteric. The folks you're trying to help might be less likely to listen to you next time if the worst case scenario doesn't come to pass. And, the other folks in the business of making models and predicting disasters may give you a hard time for acting as if the worst case scenario was more likely than any good modeler would have seen it was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads Camille Paglia and George Will is okay in my book. Thanks for the link, and keep up the good work.


10:10 PM  
Blogger Baraka said...

Hello, neighbor!

2:35 PM  
Blogger Tim W. said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. You have some cool stuff on yours, as well as some very interesting links. Regards, Tim (Mother Tongue Annoyances)

8:39 PM  

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