Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Third in an Occasional Series

Cleaning through the favorites list further, I find:

October 2003 Joseph Epstein interview. Buckley on Epstein here.

The National Senior Spelling Bee.

The great Joe Bob Briggs, author of Profoundly Disturbing : The Shocking Movies that Changed History.

A great article on continuity within elaborate fictional universes. Excerpt:

If Scotty witnesses Captain Kirk’s death at the beginning of Star Trek VII, it is extremely troubling to some of us—those who care, those who have intellectual integrity and the discipline of logic!—if Scotty is awakened from suspended animation approximately seventy years later in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and asks whether Captain Kirk is still alive. Scotty should know that Kirk isn’t! Something is wrong! It doesn’t add up—yet it must! It must!

John Batelle, who is working on a book about Google, has a blog about search engines.

Betsy is a conservative history teacher from North Carolina.

Medley is not a conservative history teacher from North Carolina.

Everything you'd ever want to know about How and Why Wonder Books. (Note: I had a ton of these! I think my mom has them in a box somewhere.)

And LBNL, the misspelled-but-so-what Akkam's Razor.


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I haven't thought about my How and Why books for years!!

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