Sunday, September 04, 2005

Updates From K-Bloggers

Last we heard from Laurel, she had evacuated Slidell and made it up to her sister's house in Tennessee. This weekend:

My Dh (dear hubby), Sis, and her Dh are on their way to Slidell right now. It's almost 3 a.m. and I am doing an update for everyone so I have something to do besides worry. I'm sure they'll be fine though. Mostly I'm worried about what they are going to find when they get there. A big part of me wishes I was going there too so I could see it all for myself, but I think I did the wise thing to stay with the kids.They will arrive at daybreak or later and plan to leave before dark. I hope they are able to call here when they arrive.

Stuff they brought with them: Gasoline, chain saw, lots of duct tape, food, water, first aid kit, three pairs of work gloves, two boxes of Hefty industrial garbage bags, tools, toilet paper, a change of clothing, flashlight, batteries, camera, and a list of things to get from the house if they are salvageable... oh, and Sis's shotgun, tazer and an array of other defensive cool stuff.

Prof. Kaye Trammell (now #5148 at TTLB - Adorable Little Rodent) wrote this piece for the Washington Post. Excerpt:

BATON ROUGE, La. -- When people prepare for hurricanes, they do many things: top off gas tanks in cars, fill bathtubs with water, buy water, charge up mobile phones and check evacuation routes. I did all these things. And I started a blog.

And, from The Interdictor (I'm guessing the sort of guy people used to snicker at for being a survivalist*):

The city really does look like a ghost town. It's so bizarre to see streets which are normally highly trafficed having such a limited flow of vehicles. And at night it's weird to see all these high rises with no light coming from the buildings. No street lights, no traffic lights, the clock on the Whitney Bank building on Poydras and Camp -- a widely recognized feature -- is stopped. The debris is still everywhere. Cars abandoned all over the place. Abandoned and trashed. And the quiet. Aside from the occasional vehicle, this place has no sound. Every piece of glass that used to be a high rise window which hits the ground can be heard blocks away.

*"Survivalist" meant in good humor. Please don't come find me and kill me. Thanks.


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